Chit Chatter

It's witching of course I'm up.

Right now, I'm listening to the wind whistle Dixie...and an old episode of All My Children is on where I can remember being grossed out by the almost-love affair between Erica and Ryan. How you gone romance your daughter's baby daddy? Ole cougar lookin' ass...

Anyway...I'm up. Not mad either. I had a great Vicodin induced "nap".  Oh, you don't know what happened? Lemme update you:

~ So, my 40's kicked the door in with a "probable meniscus tear" in my left knee (to be determined how severe w/an MRI) ...did I write that in my birtsay blog? Probably. Either way...I've been hobbling like an 80yr old. What I've noticed is NOW...I've got pain in my right knee, because when you injure one side of your body...the other side will begin to get overused. So now...BOTH knees hurt.

~ I've had a tad bit of family drama (on the pappy's side) and it's had me in perpetual eye rolling mode for some time now. I'll just say, "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil"

~ I'm learning to let go...I used to have SUCH a hard time letting go. I love so hard and want people to stay in my life whom I deem important, but when people let you too, have to shake off the shackles of exhausted connections...and yes...even if it is family. I'm preparing myself to leave this earth, that means, if folks wanna act like my presence is optional...I will act accordingly.

~ Fancy Face Kreations has been my new baby for a while now...and with God's grace and a chance from new connections, it will flourish. Click the link at the top of the page and see what we're all about!!

~ Folks are hard-headed (random)...I swear you can't tell folks NOTHING. I promise that I'm  learning to purse my lips and shush my thoughts. 40 gives you an almost automatic IDGAF license.

~ I'm kinda mad that the news reported that cats are killers. DUH..they have claws and teef. They have the hunter instincts like their bigger cat cousins and WILL put it in the life of a bird or rodent. It's the cycle of life. Talmbout...humans need to keep their cats in the house. "The jail you made for Fluffy is the one you gonna rot in..."

~ Why folks keep messing with Bey? Let that child alone. Leave these CELEBS alone. They're people too...learn some boundaries. Living a life in the spotlight doesn't mean you get to invade them with your judgments. Mattafack...try this with ALL humans. Getcho own space.

~ Welp, I'm closing it out...not going to bed so to speak...but, ending my little midnight meandering. I'll end up on Facebook playing Chefville until I can't keep my eyes open.

Good night, Scopers. To you all in the line of fire of the bad safe. God bless. Return to me. :)

2 scopers scoping:

Reggie said...

Kween you seriously need to start sleeping at night.

...still, it's nice to see you're still over here doing your thing.

Thee_Kween said...

LOL, Reggie...I so TRY to go to bed. I end up finally lying down just a few hours before the day is to start.

I'm trying to keep this lifeline open. Thank you for stopping through from time to time. One of my best commenters, you are :)

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