never been written...

what is it about a love letter?
i think of a love letter
and i get warped back
to the basics of elementary
valentine's notes
for everyone
but that one especially big
candy-scented valentine
the one you gave out amongst the rest
so no one would see
the deep shade of burgundy
i get taken back to the high days
in school
notes folded
in triangles
~sounds of bangles~
while hurriedly writing...
4 your eyes only!
and yet...
i've never been written
not promises
or intentions
but notes of admiration
captured on lines
by someone
who took the time
to note me worthy
of a little leaf
an old-fashioned
romantic initiation of proclamation
him on ball point
pointing out the good in me
that brings the best out in him
makes me wonder...
with all the
where in the hell
are the sweeping gestures
displays of affection?
to be thought of
in tandem with
warm haze
setting off
record plays
kool-aid days
(the red flave)
sitting under shade
with me laid
between his legs
i mean,
is it that chivalry
really IS dead?
i've written a few...
ran through pens
like after school discipline
writing "hims"
on lovely whims
but where's MY
special delivery?
i don't know...
i guess
somewhere out there
lost in the sorts
on a slow postal day
perhaps my personal
handwritten display
ended up at the wrong address
to KNOW without guessing
that it is written
dearly to me
would be sweet

2 scopers scoping:

[fŭng'kē] [blak] [chik] said...

Can I please borrow some of your creativity with words?

please & thank u :)

love ya!

Da_Kween said...

Sure...when can I get it back? Don't make me wait too long, Harpo. lol

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