I've Been FREAKING Tagged!!!

I could REALLY slam "Funky Black Chick" upside a wall right now. LOL I JUST blogged about her, saying nice things...and then she makes me go and wanna snatch it all back! Why you ask? SHE TAGGED ME! *grrrrrr* She's asked me to list 7 random things about myself and I guess I'll comply for sport. I also have to add 7 links to 7 other blogs. (I'm gonna get beat up, lol) Here goes nada...

1. I hate creepy crawly things...but not just, say...A spider. How about them all clumped together? *itching* Whenever anything is in a multiple number of small moving things, I immediately get chills all the way to my scalp and start to itch. It's enough to send me screaming into the day.

2. I'm a scent freak. I don't mean that I love perfumes and stack up on them. I mean, I love to smell clean scents. It's nothing for me to invest in scented candles, incense, air fresheners and cleaning products. I don't like them overpowering either. A "canny" floral scent makes me wanna opposed to a scent that kindly greets you on your way into a space.

3. Sounds. I love sounds. I find rhythm in everything. I can sit and listen to the rhythm of my environment and a song will spring up. Ask me to write that song onto paper and that's where it'll end. I don't read or write music. I just hear it and hum it...but that quiet that leads to the harmonies in my head are what contribute to soothing my soul in the worst of times as well as accompanying my joys in the best of them.

4. I see things. Yep. Don't get freaked out. I'm not. I'm used to it. I see spirit. I spend time around people, talking to them, or reading their words and its a wrap. I see it a lot. The struggles, the triumphs...the sadness, the fears. I used to be afraid to admit that. Once upon a time, it made me feel weird to be able to see things in a person that they themselves hadn't told me yet...but its remains true. Do I TELL them what I can see? Sometimes...most times I wait for them to tell me themselves. That way it doesn't feel so invasive.

5. I, like the culprit who tagged me have number recall...but in a different way. I recall dates and times. I also play with numbers in my head. I try to find different combinations for times on the clock. I reduce them to one digit. I even do what I'm sure MOST people do, which is catch people's birthdays and/or special dates on the clock. I'm always watching the clock...not for time purposes, but to see what I can see THAT time.

6. I'm a cat lover...but, I have this effect on cats. Cats that don't normally like ME. Will follow me, rub up on my leg. This summer alone...I had 3-5 cats perched outside my house. Just chilling for no other purpose than to chill.

7. I love names. If you tell me your name I'm going to look it up...but, not before I use what I know about root words and language to try and figure it out. If I can't find your names meaning, I'll make one up based on your personality. Like for instance. My mother cannot find the original meaning of my middle name, Tenee'. So, I've decided it means "tenacious". LOL

Here are the 7 sites I chose...I'm gonna get cussed out, but here it goes! If it doesn't link, its because its a site which may be closed to public. (sorry)

Mahogany Speaks

My Twisted Mind~ Wizzy Jr.

A Diamond~Star's Dream

Ebony's Beautiful Eyes

Neturu's Site

Butterfly Effect

Curvy Queen

4 scopers scoping:

Diamond~Star said...

I've been!!!

Any, we must be kinfolk cause I just about flipped out when I read #4. I have been "seeing things" since I was really young. Back then it was a very scary feeling because you see something that actually comes TRUE and the shyt really freaks you out, especially if it is something bad. Alot of times I can never really pinpoint where things take place, but the action on the scene I can usually see that before it happens. I normally don't say anything either until someone tells me but if I see the **warning signs** I am going to say something.

So here are 7 things about me (other than seeing things)

1. I love motorcycles (specifically sports bikes)

2. I love to travel (within cost and reason)

3. Writing tends to be second nature. That comes easy to me. It's just that sometimes I may not feel up to speed.

4.I prefer the countryside rather than the city. Right now I live in the city of Columbia, but I rather have a house sitting on an acre or more of land than a house sitting on the sidewalk (basically). Cookouts and yard parties are my thing and I do not need a whole bunch of neighbors.

5.I am a work a holic. I work 7 days a week at times but my dream job would be to be able to work from home with a computer networking system so great that I would be at a lost for words. If I couldn't work solely from home, then I would prefer a job that is on the third shift. I need my days to rest, get bills paid, and do my networking on these social sites that I am not able to do on a day job or at night.

6. I am a chicken wing fanatic. Boneless preferred, but will take drummettes. I check out the wings at every party I go to. I have my ginger ale on lock just in case.

7.I love the spring and summer months. I have never liked the cold, especially now since it aggravates my allergies and I cannot wait for it to be 78 degrees and higher again.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

WOW, you did it!!

Thanks :)

Cats creep me out..I've never liked them after seeing "Cats Eye"! lol

Mahoganydymond said...

I am not going to comply... You know I hate being tagged.. LOL

I will list them here though...

1.I love sex
2.I am sexual
3.I hate work
4.I love spinach pizza
5.I smile to much
6.I love thighs
7.I am scared of eyes, clowns, and tornados

Da_Kween said...

@ Diamond~ Wing obsession eh? LOL

@ FBC~ Yea, I did it. And I already know you don't like evil cat hater!!

@ Mah~ You be scared of the damndest things...but then you wouldn't be Mah! Eyes? LOL

And I don't think one can smile too much! As long as it's a genuine one...who cares?

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